A box full of doodles

A box full of doodles

I once had a sheath of glossy, heavy stock paper laying around—leftover from some project long since forgotten— and sometimes, early in my office or late at night aboard my sailboat, I’d cut a bunch of them into postcard-sized pieces then doodle for awhile. Whatever came to mind. And then after the doodle was done, I’d add a caption. My understanding is that this is the opposite of what cartoonists do. They start with the words then add the picture. It has always been this way with me. Zigging where others zag.


It turns out there’s been studies on doodling and what it means. For instance, this article says doodles may reveal our subconscious thoughts.

An interesting read. However, this scribble from twenty years ago (a “screen capture” found in a Dewar’s box with poems and other writings), still makes me wonder what was wanting out from deep inside in my mind back then.

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