The artist Christo wrapped an island in fabric.

Writer Tim Bryant created Armadillo Island.

It’s for people drawn to salty sunny breezy skies, warm sand, and blue seas stretching out as far as your imagination lets it go.

As a boy, Tim enjoyed South Carolina’s beaches, marshes, and seas but school and then work took him away.

He never forgot her old oaks and Spanish moss, coastal cottages with screened porches then sandy paths through dunes to the shore.

The coastal South has a spiritual vibe that speaks to me. The novels I’m writing seek this within myself. What is God? Who are angels? Do Saints surround me despite my sins?

Once, on a cross country road trip, riding through very late on a warm dark night, he woke from a hard sleep. “I just knew I was in South Carolina,” he said. “I could feel the Low Country all around with her legends of hurricanes, pirates, the famous Swamp Fox, her fallen ruins of tabby, her white churches on small rises beside gravestones gray and brittle, her mysterious Gullah women weaving baskets from sweet grass, her roadside stands selling watermelons and boiled peanuts, her screened porches and sleeping dogs.

He sold his sailboat, built a house, and laid out all his favorite things: a rickety beach bike, faded surfboards, piles of shells, primitive fish painted on scraps of wood. And books. Lots of them.

I missed it,” he continued. “But not until I returned from living other places did I fully understand that she was my home. And that the South was where the stories were waiting for me to write.”

Up on the top floor is the room with the steering wheel of a hundred-year-old yacht sunk by a storm. This is where he works on his novels—stories meant to raise more questions than they answer. He writes in the morning. In the afternoons, he tends a small vineyard and a few peach trees.

Tim comes visits Armadillo Island almost every day—bringing you things you might like: Products such as sunglasses, soaps, hammocks, and candles but also bits of news, essays, book reviews, recipes, and the other jetsam and flotsam of a writer/farmer’s quiet, satisfying life.

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