About Tim Bryant

I’m a books, beaches and sailboats enthusiast with a degree in Journalism and a background in arts administration and ad agency work. I’ve produced a monthly arts magazine and placed articles in numerous consumer and trade magazines. I’ve provided strategic planning, public relations, and copy writing support to clients located around the world. Wherever I’ve lived, the first hour of almost every morning has been dedicated to writing poems and essays before going on the clock. I returned to South Carolina a few years ago and then began writing full-time after an injury changed my life.

My first novel was published two years ago by a small traditional press that, unfortunately, was going out of business as the book was coming out. Reviews have been great but I learned the hard way that book marketing is quite different from promoting high end ceramic tile to interior designers, British-made pumps to Argentine mine managers, and pipeline software from India to oil drilling platforms in the North Sea.

The good news is, I’ve got a marketing plan going now. The bad news is I need a publisher or agent for my next novel.

So please spread the word. Tell your important connections. Or point me in a good direction.

Thanks for looking. I hope you return to Armadillo Island frequently and bring your friends too.