About a priest with slaves

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Author Paul Barra goes where others wouldn’t—into the true story of a Charleston, South Carolina, Catholic bishop fervently supporting the Secessionist Movement during the Civil War. Few could take you inside this one-of-kind story better than Barra—devout Catholic, former journalist, thoughtful author of thriller and suspense adventures.

Many will be surprised there was a slave owning church leader—and surprised again by this man’s rationale for fighting against abolitionists. Patrick N. Lynch was, in fact, a prominent business man consecrated as Charleston’s third bishop in 1853, and he traveled to Rome in the role of Confederate commissioner to the States of the Church. His mission: gain the Pope’s recognition of the Confederacy and rally support for the South in Europe. Although kept quiet for over a century and a half, Barra’s depiction of Lynch was vetted by the eleventh Bishop of Charleston and by the historian of the diocese.

Full of Eyes, however, is not a biography. It’s a tapestry of factual settings and circumstances woven into imaginative historical fiction, a murder mystery taking place at the beginning of the USA’s deadliest inner conflict. The clues and cues keep you turning pages—and the bishop’s examination of his own conscience, when against contemporary calls to rewrite history, brings gasoline and matches to book clubs everywhere.

Beyond this, you’ll not get any spoilers from me. For that, there’s a cost of admission.

Buy Barra’s e-book. Read it. Then bring it up next Thanksgiving dinner. Sit back and enjoy the fireworks as the War of Northern Aggression is fought again another day.

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