About Tim

I’m a beaches, boats, and books enthusiast now living in rural South Carolina following a career in arts administration then ad agency work.

My father was a dyslexic banker—meaning we moved around like carnies but I’ve always considered South Carolina my true home. There’s something about this place that got into me as a child in Sumter and stayed with me through stops in the Chicago area, West Virginia, Florida, and Washington, D.C., to name most but not all.

Wherever life took me, a desire to write came along. I was a finalist in the Virginia Prize for Poetry, won several creativity awards in marketing communications and then a small traditional press published my first novel, Blue Rubber Pool, in 2018. The publisher went blind as it was being produced.

So there’s that.

I was an avid sailor until a car wreck intervened. On my little farm, I grow grapes, blackberries, banana trees, and bamboo. I drive an old Jeep with holes in the floor to let rain water out. My wife Crystal (“Marianne” in Blue Rubber Pool), can shuck oysters and crack open lobsters faster than anybody I know. We enjoy visiting wineries. Our pound pup Jack comes with us.

Every morning, I work a bit further on the other novels I’m writing. Hopefully some of them will be published too. In the meantime, it’s fun to express myself here as “Surf Director” at Armadillo Island.