About Tim

I’m a beaches, boats and books fanatic now in rural South Carolina following a career in arts administration then ad agency work.

My father was a dyslexic banker—meaning we moved around like carnies—but South Carolina has always felt like my true home. There’s something about this place that stayed with me through stops in the Chicago area, West Virginia, Florida, Northern Virginia, and other places in a grand loop that eventually brought me back arund to where I best belong.

I’ve enjoyed sailing, growing grapes (making bad wine), keeping blackberry bushes, banana trees, and bamboo, and driving an old Jeep with holes in the floor to let rain water out. Somewhere on this website is a pix of me herding cows in a Jaguar. My wife Crystal is an adjunct professor dedicated to improved reading skills in our poor rural county. She can shuck oysters faster than anybody I know. We enjoy hanging out on the second floor porch at Pineapple Hill, our beach house in a cow pasture. Whenever we leave the property, our pound pup Jack almost always comes with us.

My first novel, Blue Rubber Pool, is a “love story in disguise” about a shady Caribbean-based deal maker giving up his sailboat, free wheeling lifestyle and a lot more to follow a shy Marianne-on-Gilligan’s-Island-lookalike Southern belle back to the small rural community where she grew up. The transition does not go well. Not well at all…

My second, The Bird in Your Heart—A Carolina Sea Island Story, is about an Atlanta advertising executive who divorces, returns to the sea island where he was raised, and plans to sail the world—same as his absent father did. However, the generations-old familial house needs major repairs, his mother is losing her eyesight, and the Low Country seems unwilling to let him go.

Both books are available online and a third is under contract for publication in 2026.