Single Parenting

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God works in mysterious ways, right? One minute I was a happy go lucky working with an arts council in Florida, dating a historic preservation consultant. The next minute, it seemed, I was a single dad in charge of two kids. There’s no manual. I went immediately into Defcon One. Rented an old cottage—cheapo but very clean. In their bath, their hair became rats nests—No More Tangles only made it worse. In the laundry, their clothes became pinkish. On Sunday mornings, we ate chocolate cake in a kiddie pool instead of going to church. At the supermarket, they pointed out new mom possibilities (“There’s one, Daddy!”) and I let them pick out teevee dinners (Cartoon Cuisine brand) based on the dessert. I was a king. I was lord over all I surveyed. It wasn’t always pretty but it was surely something I’m glad I experienced. Even if only for just a while.