Buy A Plantation in the South

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If you wouldn’t mind loaning me a quick $15 million, I’d like to buy this historic plantation house for sale in South Carolina.

Twickeham, was founded in 1733 under a grant from England’s King George and was originally a part of Tomotley Barony which spanned over 48,000 acres. The main plantation house was built in 1878.

The property now includes “only” about 2500 acres but that’s a good bit more than the 17 here at Pineapple Hill—and I don’t use much of what I have except to keep a tiny vineyard, a few peach trees, wild blackberries and some bamboo brought up from Florida.

So what would I do with Twickeham Plantation? Oh I don’t know. What would you do?

Stab me in the back by buy it out from under me here.