COFFEE…I depend on it!

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The nearest Krispy Kreme—a Southern delicacy that my mom truly loved—is more than twenty miles from Pineapple Hill. I don’t get there often but when I do I’ll grab coffee and doughnuts. My mom liked the glazed kind for which Krispy Kreme is famous but I like cake. The plain ones. No frosting, cinnamon, or sugar topped for me.

In Blue Rubber Pool I write about my infatuation with making coffee while under sail—concocting different flavors by adding chunks of candy bar, etc. My quest for the perfect boat coffee included buying a French Press (too messy) and even a new generator to run an 110 Mister Coffee coffee maker (too much of a hassle). Finally, I went to instant and boiled water. And right about then is when I started adding candy bars.

At Pineapple Hill, we mix “plain” coffee with Coconut/Hazelnut “Hawaiian style”. Ever tried that?