Cut for comfort

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As a boy, I always wanted to be a businessman. I felt comfortable dressed up. Suits seemed cut for comfort.

Years later, working at ad agencies, not only were suits comfortable, they were easy. Grab a white shirt from ten or more on the rack, choose a necktie, add belt, socks, and shoes. I could do it in the dark. And did so. Often.

Later, as a PR/Brand Development consultant working from my third floor office at Pineapple Hill in the South Carolina boonies, I kicked off the wing tips and ditched the rest of that gear—switching to sandals, paint-spattered Life Guard trunks (I wore when painting on recycled pallet boards), and a faded Hawaiian shirt. My clients in Dubai, Australia, and Argentina didn’t care. For all I knew, they wore paint-spattered Life Guard trunks too.