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My novels have a lot of truth in them. And sometimes the truth hurts. Which is why I skip the step of bringing in a sensitivity reader during the development phase. The truth—and by this I mean hard factual honesty—sometimes hurts. It can hurt you. It can hurt me. That’s art for ya.

Too, I like to include hidden truths in my work. For instance, scenes based on things that really happened. Of my first novel, Blue Rubber Pool, I’ve said that were the right people gathered in the same room the entire story could be traced to the things that inspired it.

Take Mister Gunther, for example. SPOILER ALERT….

Mister Gunther is comes into Blue Rubber Pool in the second half—drawn from a bit if data I had that seemed needing purpose.

There’s more of this sort of thing in Pool and in my latest novel The Bird in Your Heart.