Soooooooooo…I was in a bad car wreck a couple years ago. Marianne was driving. Someone pulled out in front of us from a side street. We t-boned into them going forty-five. The air bags didn’t deploy. My knee went into the dash so hard that my femur punched through my hip socket like a fist through drywall. It came out the other side. Ouch!

My recovery had pretty much plateaued until Brother From Another Mother got me into e-biking. The thing has an electric motor that kicks in with “pedal assist” when the going gets too tough for my injury. Plus, there’s a twist throttle feature—it can be written like a motorcycle without pedaling. Wow! What a blast.

It’s quiet. There’s wind in my hair. There’s speed. It does for me on country roads what sailing gives at sea.

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