Jack’s Lost Weekend. My Pierced Ear.

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Throwback Thurs— POUND PUP JACK, the little Terhuahua we rescued eleven years ago just days before he was to be put down, spent last weekend  in the animal hospital. He came home with shaved places on his legs and side and was pretty bummed about the whole experience.

To cheer him up, we started joking about what a hell of a party it must have been and I  mentioned a “lost weekend” back in college when I woke up in a sorority house with my ear pierced. I never wore it and this is the only photo.

Crystal pointed out that it’s pierced on the wrong side but I don’t think that was a thing back then and, if so, it surely wasn’t on our radar screen that night.

By “wrong” I mean, wrong for me. I really don’t care what side (or what things, for that matter) other peeps have pierced. You be you. I’ll be me.