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I enjoy books about creative people (writers, actors, singers, musicians, etc.) and so Life by Keith Richards is in the Pineapple Hill library along with ones about Ava Gardner, Frida Kahlo, Dean Martin, John Belushi, Gary Grant, and others.

The big surprise here (aside from the fact that Richards lived long enough to look back across so many years) is that he’s much more than a hard partying Rolling Stone, much more than the guy who supposedly fell out of a coconut tree. In addition to a dedicated artist fully committed to his craft, he’s a very thoughtful thinker deeply engaged in the world around him—quite an accomplishment when one considers all the drinking and drugs.

This books has the stories from the road you’re looking for but also gives a surprisingly clear look at the man hidden behind the crazy fog.

Take this one when you’re cruising the Intracoastal or spending a summer at Folly Beach.

You’ll dig it.