“…like a Sue Monk Kidd book and a Pat Conroy book had a baby and then THAT baby grew up and had a baby with a John Kennedy Toole book.”

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I was lucky to have several beta readers looking over my shoulder, encouraging me to keep going, giving feedback such as the remark above.

Then a large “traditional” publisher of mostly Southern authors and Southern stories became interested so dealing with them ate up some time. More than a year, actually, before we went our separate ways.

You see, I don’t write with political correctness in mind. I write to create something new from the things around me. Same as musicians, sculptors, and graffiti artists do.

So not everybody’s going to like The Bird in Your Heart—it’s not meant to offend but, given the times we’re in, it might. As might the color of the shirt I’m wearing today. As might the car I drive.

If you decide to take a look, please give it a review on Amazon or Goodreads or in your blog or spray painted on an overpass.

Thanks for taking a look.

—Tim Bryant