Looking for a critique group

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Finding a critique group has not been easy from my roost in Union County. At first, I sat in during a few “Writers night Out” events sponsored by an independent bookstore in Spartanburg. Except for a few hardcore participants, attendance was pretty inconsistent in terms of who showed up and what genres were presented. Eventually, a few of us peeled off to meet in a coffee shop once a month. We all wrote poetry and were working on book length fiction too. It went fine for a while but some of us wanted a tighter format focused on writing novels. Off we went.

Then one of us moved away and I had the bad car wreck.

My writing pal Paul Barra started coming up to Pineapple Hill from his new life in Columbia. We trade pages in advance and often trade critiques in advance too—leaving plenty of time for coffee on the screen porch discussing other things. Writing stuff but also religion, family, travels, the ills of the world. And such.

Eventually, maybe we’ll run into other committed novelist willing to make the trek. But for now, we just don’t know where they are.