My Russian Rolex

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Not to be confused with Vostok Europe, Vostok Russian watches are the AK-47 of time pieces in that their manufactured cheaply with loose tolerances so that everyone can afford one. Yet they’ve been to the moon, in tanks during war, and in submarines deep beneath the sea. Or at least that’s the claim…and if it indeed happened it happened in the 60s. Not anytime recently, I’m sure.

I went through my Vostok phase at the same time I bought a Yugoslavian AK-47 underfolder and then a Makarov semi-auto pistol. Had there been a Lada for sale anywhere around Pineapple Hill, I’d have bought that too.

These watches have become collectible because there’s several different models: space, tanks, and submarines being but a few…

Google Bill Murray’s Amphibia in The Life Aquatic.

Actually Murray might be the reason I got into this.

Anyway, I have several. None more needed, thank you.