On the Scale of Rice

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On the scale of rice there Minute Rice on one end and Carolina Gold on the other. They’re as different as Oldsmobile and Bentley.

Years ago, one of my partners in an ad agency I was with tossed a bag on my desk and said, “Enjoy!”

I saw just a bag of rice. I had no idea what a treat I was in for.

Carolina Gold—once known as “golden seed” rice, is believed to have come to Charleston in 1685 when the captain of a merchant ship used rice seed as currency to pay for repairs.

Rice was South Carolina’s first great agricultural staple. It dominated the lowcountry’s economy for almost two hundred years, and was responsible for the area’s rise to prominence in the colonial era.

However, in addition to getting a taste of our past, Carolina Gold has an incredible aroma and tastes delicious. It’s a game changer, for sure.

To find out more about this wonder treat from South Carolina-based Anson Mills, click here. And click here for more on the early years of rice growing in The Palmetto State.