My Christo Fish on scraps of wood

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The famous environmental concept artist Christo wrapped an island in pink fabric and made me fan. Ever since, I keep wanting to do Christo-like things.

The transition to rural South Carolina—away from beaches and boats—did ot go well. I missed the water badly but found out the hard way that no one swims in the Jonesville Reservoir (aka Jonesville Town Pond) because it’s full of snakes.

As a result, I had a major midlife melt down—spent almost a whole summer floating in a $200 kiddie pool from Big Lots with a Cube Libre balanced on my forehead.

Marianne made me start painting fish and sea turtles and such. People started buying them and then I got the Big Christo-like idea of hanging them in woods. First in the trees around Pineapple Hill. Then expanding out from there.

The car wreck put a stop to it but maybe I’ll get going again sometime.