Poetry at Pineapple Hill

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Too many of my buds from back in the day don’t know who James Dickey is and that he wrote poetry but most have seen the movie Deliverance.

Few of them wrote poems but several wrote song lyrics.

The last time I joined a writers group in Union County, the poems were of the Hallmark Card type dependent on end rhymes. Nothing wrong with that but I’m not a fan for the same reason I don’t shag or line dance—too confining in my opinion.

To fill the poetry gap out here in the South Carolina boonies, I keep a poetry book section at Pineapple Hill. It includes Bukowski, Plath, Snyder, Ginsberg, Berryman, Bly, Creeley, Williams, Hugo, and others handed over to me back in the day.

Billy Collins is a recent one I like. But I’m behind the times on others.