Reservoir Road

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This is the public access road to the world famous Reservoir that’s behind Pineapple Hill just a short way through the woods.

It’s loaded with snakes—something I didn’t know when I first moved here.

I missed the ocean. I missed my sailboat. So I’d go into the cool waters of the Reservoir (aka “Jonesville Town Pond”) with a beer and a swim noodle.

It was quite relaxing until I kept seeing squiggles on the surface off to my side and behind me. Then it wasn’t at relaxing. It set off the mid-life meltdown described in Blue Rubber Pool.

I tell my friends about the Jonesville Reservoir being a sort of Jurassic Park complete with dinosaurs, Great Whites, Sasquatches, Carolina Lizard Men, and such. I offer tickets and even sometimes offer special weekend packages. And I tell them Led Zeppelin is coming to play there one day.