The Armadillo Island Cartoons

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Sailing was a contact sport. Plus, it’s true that “life comes at you fast.” More than once I became Hammock Man, a dude stuck in a hammock while recovering from some senseless injury.

Hammock Man was a concept art thing inspired, like so many things of my life, by the great master Christo. Hammock Man would lay in a hammock reading poetry aloud whilst an Uzi lay in his lap, or a bag of frozen peas lay on his wounded knee, or a Spanish Language dictionary sat off to the side, surrendered in frustration. Some of those videos are still around.

But, too, hammock man evolved into a cartoon strip featuring Yours Truly and my armadillo man servant named Einstein. There’s some of those still around too.

When I finish these three novels I’m writing, I’ll go back to being Hammock Man.